FHDL Post-Season Thoughts

2 min readApr 16, 2021


I’m not really going to do a team review, since I was the one that drafted my team and I really enjoyed playing with everyone this season. I have nothing bad to say about anyone, but after reflecting on our final series I thought I would provide some closing thoughts on the season.

Personally, going into playoffs I was very cocky. I thought there was no way we lose to this team and I did not take them seriously. Guess I should have lol. After they gave us a run for our money game 1 I realized that I had underestimated them. I’m not sure if they were just all having a good day of DOTA or what, but I think if they had been playing that good the entire season there is no way they would get bottom seed. The mid beast master was something I had never played against and I was not aware how broken the aghs is, so even though we won that game, the beast master pick had tilted me into the shadow realm (ban it for the love of god), and unfortunately I was never able to recover from that. I really wanted to play mid necro or oracle and it just never happened unfortunately so I picked dumb shit like mid tide.

Nick’s team was the only team we have played against that was consistently able to counter our strategy of running around as 4 while Moose farms up his items. The phoenix + wyvern combo was devastating both of the games that we lost to it, and the mars pick didn’t make it any easier. When supports are given high impact heroes and play as good as they did that series, it is very hard to fight into them. I’m still not sure if I’d say they are better over all… we will have to see how they do against some of the other top teams, but I do think they would beat us 7 times out of 10.

All in all, congrats to Nick’s team. It would be cool to see them end up winning the whole thing, and I’m sure team morale is high after their victory, but I’ve got to cheer for my boys in the yop crew.

Shout outs to:

Treebread for making the league. It was fun.

My team for putting up with my stupid mid picks

Cuh for believing in my stupid mid picks

ZachRoy crusader mid that wins every lane. Definitely a value pick

Roxy crazy good phoenix plays for a low ranked player

Cerys for ruining my day on wyvern
Step on me like you stepped on me in playoffs :peepothigh: