FHDL Power Rankings

4 min readFeb 25, 2021


So this is my first auction draft and I thought it would be cool to do a slightly different type of power rankings blog. These rankings are not based on my own opinions (However I will be giving my thoughts on each team), but they are strictly based on the following auction value formula…

(Avg player mmr / total money spent on players) * 1000

I will then do rankings for each lane as well, using a similar formula. I suck at math so all my formulas are shit. That being said, if you paid $0 for someone that’s what they call “free real estate” so your value in those lanes (and over all) might be a bit inflated. That includes the captains themselves.

So we’ll start it with my team…

Team Crypt1c

Avg mmr rank: 1/12

Team rank: 3/12

Safelane rank: 8/12

Mid rank: N/A ($0 was paid for this lane so no rank)

Offlane rank: 5/11

MMR Difference rank: 4/12

My thoughts:

This was not at all the team I had planned to draft, but I’m very happy with who I got. I think we’re definitely one of the better teams out there with the highest average mmr and a little over 1400 mmr difference between our highest and lowest players, but it might be interesting with me playing mid this season. My strategy of sitting back and letting people bid high the first 2 rounds and then getting all my picks very quickly the next couple rounds seemed to work in my favor imo. Shout out to Clare’s advice, it’s why I decided to go mid instead of spend all my money on mid and safelane players when there were a ton of supports in the pool.

Team Barrel

Avg mmr rank: 4/12

Team rank: 4/12

Safelane rank: 3/12

Mid rank: 2/8

Offlane rank: 6/11

MMR Difference rank: 1/12

My thoughts:

Considering he didn’t draft the majority of his team, the stats are on Barrel’s side. He seems to have one of the better teams out there. My only concern is who will be playing what role. This is the only team I wasn’t given role information on so I had to make an educated guess.

Team Luth

Avg mmr rank: 2/12

Team rank: 5/12

Safelane rank: 2/12

Mid rank: 6/8

Offlane rank: 3/11

MMR Difference rank: 2/12

My thoughts:

This is another team that looks pretty good over all. Scrub and Woh both going for 150 or less is a sweet deal, but I think if I had to play on a team with 2 different techies players I’d probably kill myself.

Team Yop

Avg mmr rank: 3/12

Team rank: 2/12

Safelane rank: 1/12

Mid rank: 1/8

Offlane rank: 7/11

MMR Difference rank: 3/12

My thoughts:

If I wasn’t a captain, this is the team I would want to play support on. Even with Inno more or less running down mid this team would probably be a ton of fun to play on. Offlane cost per mmr value does not reflect the actual value in this case. This should be a pretty well rounded team in every lane.

Team Maniac

Avg mmr rank: 8/12

Team rank: 8/12

Safelane rank: 7/12

Mid rank: 4/8

Offlane rank: 9/11

MMR Difference rank: 5/12

My thoughts:

Maniac spent most of his money on mid and offlane, leaving his safelane exposed here. I predict that will be this team’s achilles heel. The offlane consists of maniac and a pudge/techies spammer, so refer back to my comment on Luth’s team.

Team Nick

Avg mmr rank: 10/12

Team rank: 9/12

Safelane rank: 4/12

Mid rank: 5/8

Offlane rank: 11/11

MMR Difference rank: 6/12

My thoughts:

Jackman was the first player I was saving my money before. I’m not sure if he’s still worth it at $475, but he is one of the more valuable offlaners in the league. Looks like he got Cerys at a reasonable price without having to deal with the 20% gamer girl tax.

Team Princess

Avg mmr rank: 9/12

Team rank: 7/12

Safelane rank: 11/12

Mid rank: N/A ($0 was paid for this lane so no rank)

Offlane rank: 1/11

MMR Difference rank: 7/12

My thoughts:

The core trio looks pretty strong here, but I think the supports will be pretty easy to exploit when playing against this team. If they can communicate well with their lane supports during the game this might be one of the better teams.

Team Yumi

Avg mmr rank: 6/12

Team rank: 6/12

Safelane rank: 10/12

Mid rank: N/A ($0 was paid for this lane so no rank)

Offlane rank: 2/11

MMR Difference rank: 8/12

My thoughts:

This team looks bad imo. Yumi and Skroom are both great players, but if one of them has a bad game, the rest of it is basically on the other’s shoulders. Neither of their supports are above 2k and their offlane is only 2500.

Team Slizeey

Avg mmr rank: 5/12

Team rank: 10/12

Safelane rank: 5/12

Mid rank: 3/8

Offlane rank: 10/11

MMR Difference rank: 9/12

My thoughts:

With the combined mmr of their safelane this team is basically going to be playing 3v5. If we’re going by auction value they aren’t bad, but this isn’t some david and goliath story, this is DOTA. They probably need to role swap to make things work.

Team Cats

Avg mmr rank: 12/12

Team rank: 12/12

Safelane rank: 12/12

Mid rank: 8/8

Offlane rank: N/A ($0 was paid for this lane so no rank)

MMR Difference rank: 10/12

My thoughts:


Team Rogueandtasty

Avg mmr rank: 11/12

Team rank: 11/12

Safelane rank: 9/12

Mid rank: 7/8

Offlane rank: 4/11

MMR Difference rank: 11/12

My thoughts:

Another decent core trio. My thoughts are pretty much the same as Princess’s team, but this team just seems weaker over all.

Team Harbinger

Avg mmr rank: 7/12

Team rank: 1/12

Safelane rank: 6/12

Mid rank: N/A ($0 was paid for this lane so no rank)

Offlane rank: 8/11

MMR Difference rank: 12/12

My thoughts:

A 4600 mmr gap between highest and lowest mmr players is hilarious to me. This team is like my my tinder photos… they get better when you crop out my ex girlfriend (the ex girlfriend is their safelane). Another 3v5 team.