Imagine Dagons Team Review

3 min readJul 31, 2023


As most of you already know, the season did not pan out for my team. I’ll start with some general thoughts and then move into player reviews. Despite our record being the worst in the league, I don’t think we were the worst team in the league. I won’t point fingers, but I’ll just say that the only games that felt hard were reedy and cranberry. Every other game I feel like we put up a good fight and had a chance to win. I did not pull my weight against either of those teams and it showed in our team’s performance those weeks. I blame myself for the losses against reedy and cranberry.

Now for the player reviews. We’ll start with 1–5.


I’ve played with meph before, and I know he can be stubborn. He is pretty mechanically skilled for his rank, but when the game gets hard he has a very one dimensional view of the game and it can be hard to pull him out of it. We won lane more often than not, but this season it was not enough. I think if meph can learn to trust other player’s shotcalling more and just mute himself when he gets tilted he can be a top tier carry in LD2L.

War Carp

Carp started out the season strong, but it felt like he lost interest somewhere mid season (understandable). He completely stopped communicating in voice chat and despite a couple pep talks in discord it seemed like he wasn’t really convinced, and the team could definitely tell. I’d say Carp just needs to communicate a bit more, whether it’s when he’s going in or just in general about how his lane is going. My advice: If the team is tilted, talking shit is only going to make it worse. Maybe you should save the mute button for when you start to get tilted instead of the rest of the game.


I can’t flame rada too much. He joined the team when he knew our record was shit, and we lost every single game since he joined, so I can understand why he might have been upset. Should he have muted himself earlier? Probably. I appreciate that he joined the team at our lowest and gave his best effort to win. I’m sorry it couldn’t have gone better for us.

Ascltr (Tony)

Tony was probably my favorite teammate this season. Despite our losses he never had a bad attitude, and he gave it his best effort all season. He was always around to play pubs with during the week (credit to rada, he was there too…) and he was always asking what he could do to improve. I think tony just needs to work on his laning a bit and he would be a great support pick for next season.

Bonus: Matty

Idk what to say about matty, but it feels like he pulled the classic “team sucks, sorry gotta go… IRL stuff/work schedule change”. If I’m wrong I apologize, but if he’s still able to play AD2L I’m kind of skeptical. Matty was always PMA in game so maybe it’s legit. Either way I’d give him another chance as a 1 or 3 and hope he has better results in the future

Moral of the story:

I think we should have disbanded when matty left. I’m sorry Rada for bringing you into this shitshow, but I thought we may have had a chance. It’s unfortunate that this has to be my last season in LD2L because I think we could have done a lot better.

Hmu if you want a coach for your team next season, I’d love to go over replays.