LD2L Team Review

2 min readNov 21, 2022


People were askign for content so here we go. In order from p1–5

  1. CombinationBean

Bean struggled this season with a small hero puddle. When she was able to get one of her heroes she performed well, but if she didn’t she was pretty much a non-factor. She fell for the typical “farm for 45 mins as a carry” trap sometimes, but overall she kept it pretty PMA.

2. USDanny

I’m not sure if Danny just tilts really hard in ranked games and loses a ton of MMR or what, but he plays at a level significantly above what his medal would suggest. If Mat wasn’t able to carry us to victory, Danny was. (just please no more mid silencer). The only negative thing I have to say about Danny is that he doesn’t really communicate much before games or during the draft.

3. Mat

Mat has a reputation for being super toxic, and honestly I don’t really see it. He had a couple moments where he and Meph would butt heads but overall I didn’t have any issues with him. He was consistently a star performer, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he plays above his medal like Danny. I think he’s easily the best P3 in the league.

4. Meph

Meph was always down to play whatever we needed. His hero pool like mine is pretty large (not that I ever get to play more than 3 heroes), but if you put him on Marci he’ll wreak havoc on the enemy team. He can be pretty opinionated at times but overall nbd.

5. Ya boi cryptic

I don’t think I necessarily played well this season, but I also don’t think I played poorly. I’d say I was more or less mediocre this season which is more than I would have expected considering I wasn’t really playing any DOTA outside of league games. I had fun this season and I’d definitely play with anyone on this team again.

Shout out to Anony for casting all of our games and doing in depth draft analysis for us every week (even if we didn’t listen to his advice). Top tier coach.


Please don’t make me 5 next season