Wordcloud Power Rankings

2 min readMay 18, 2023


So I promised a blog and asked people to sign up without telling them what the blog was about. Surprise! We’re doing word cloud power rankings.

S Tier

Frank Stan

Normally I wouldn’t say just 1 gamer word earns you a place in the S tier power rankings, but since everyone else was pretty tame in comparison, Frank wins here. Bonus points for the popular combo “kill urslef”.

A Tier


Yolk wins a spot in A tier, not necessarily because of the content of her wordcloud, but the size of it. She is easily the most vocal player of the bunch. Yolk is a team player, with a wordcloud consisting of a large amount of names of other LD2L players.


Mat earns his rank in the A tier mostly because his most said word is “ez” but also because a few other words suggest he knows how to verbally throw down when it comes time to decide who to blame.

B Tier (low sodium)


Anony gets B tier because his wordcloud is simply boring. The only saving grace is the portion right through the middle saying “we fucked up”. With a word like “brainless” in his word cloud I can only imagine he has been pubbing with howler.

Barrel Rider

Tbh this word cloud is concerning. With phrases such as “chili sniffs”, “eat meat sauce”, and the word “texture” it reads more like a food blog than a game of DOTA. I’m not sure in what context the word “gmilfs” was used, but some questions are better left unanswered.