Yop Team Review

2 min readOct 26, 2023


I promised a team review so here we go. Don’t expect anything spicy, this is the first RD2L team I’ve been on that wasn’t filled with screaming children. Here we go from 1–5…


Yop and I have 130 games with a 60% win rate, so this was a comfort lane for both of us. We’re usually on the same page so there was some good synergy here.


Pretty sure snow and I only got to play maybe 3 or 4 different series together due to both of us missing games throughout the season. He isn’t very vocal in game or in discord so idk what to really say. He never flamed despite our undesirable record, so that’s a win in my book.


Bungus is the GOAT. Probably the most PMA player on the team. When everyone else starts to get tilted we all get a little quieter in comms, but bungus is always finding the silver lining. “Yeah they killed me but they burned all of their regen so now we can pressure them out”. Definitely a top pick for offlane.


Roxy is the only person below 5k MMR that I’ve seen play NP without completely griefing the team. We just kept picking it and it kept working. He may get a little too eager to make plays happen and bait the team into bad fights sometimes but he’s definitely a value pick for his MMR.


Cryptic sux lul